Move Everyone, Every Day, Closer to Jesus

For decades we’ve taught, preached, and believed that sharing our faith is optional and we’re suffering the consequences.

With less than 20% of our population still going to church regularly, Satan has filled the void of our Godless Society with unprecedented dysfunction, anger, and obscenity.

As it was with children of Israel in the Old Testament, our hearts have turned to false idols and turned cold toward God.

We’ve turned our lights off and left the world in darkness. How are they going to know unless someone tells them . . . unless you tell them? is to equip you to fulfill God’s command to share the Gospel with everyone you meet to Move Everyone, Every Day, Closer to Jesus. provides practical, simple ways to engage people in faith-sharing conversations and help them, and you, move closer to Jesus. Visit to watch inspiring videos, get free downloadable resources, including the Ignite Your Life Bible Study series, connect with everyday faith sharers just like yourself, and more!


10 Ways to Start God Centered Conversations

Free Downloadable Resource

These ‘Ten Easy Ways to Open God Centered Conversations’ are only meant to get you started … and will lead to hundreds more. While the task of leading people to Jesus is daunting and the consequences are eternal, the joy of leading people to the Lord is unexplainable. Learn more and download your free resource.


Faith Sharing Stories

Real people, real faith-sharing stories!

You’re in for a shock! If you don’t share your faith, you’re missing all the fun and blessings of being a Christian! Winning the lost is a team sport and it’s time for you to get off the bench and into the game. These are real people, from all walks of life, surprising you with real stories of how much fun they’re having moving everyone, every day, closer to Jesus. Use them as role models for your own life and start having the time of your life.