Episode 1 - The Pastor and the Lawyer
with Greg Laurie & Brad Dacus

Enjoy a ride-along with Evangelist Pastor Greg Laurie, in his Bullitt Mustang, discussing how pastors and lay people are both in full-time ministry. Then, Pacific Justice Institute President, Brad Dacus, explains why faith-sharing is more exciting than winning court cases!

Episode 2 - Polar Opposite Faith Sharers
with Steve Wilburn & Walt Kallestad

Steve Wilburn’s forwardness contrasted with Walt Kallestad’s quiet nature proves that the best faith sharing tactic is staying within your own comfort zone and personality. There is no “one style fits all” formula for loving people into Heaven!

Episode 3 - Reaching the Lost Through Ordinary People
with Ray Pokorny & Renee Vinson

Whether you’re a marketing executive like Ray Pokorny or a graduate student like Renee Vinson, all of us are in full-time ministry in the middle of a mission field. Moving everyone, every day, closer to Jesus turns every day into an adventure!

Episode 4 - You Don’t Have to be Church Bred!
with Jason Powell & Chad Williams

Jason Powell and Chad Williams blow apart the notion that years of training are a prerequisite for sharing your faith. It starts the moment you begin loving God with all your heart, mind, and soul, which compels you to love your neighbor as yourself!

Episode 5 - The Professor and the Overachiever
with Dr. Jerry Root & Christine Soule

Dr. Jerry Root explains the spiritual dynamics taking place in the life of all faith-sharing Christians, while Christine Soule lives it out loud – contrasting her tragic early life with her ‘Joy for the Lord’ that cannot be contained.

Episode 6 - From the Hood to the Neighborhood
with Diane Latiker & Ronald Cram

Diane Latiker loves kids into Heaven off the streets of Chicago, while Ron Cram shares his passion in a decidedly different environment. Two unique and varied people doing what all of us should be doing no matter where God has placed us.

Episode 7 - Millennial Evangelists
with Matt Brown & Jason Lee

Matt Brown is a millennial who grew up in the Church, experienced ignition sharing his faith, and became a major key influencer on social media. Jason Lee grew up an unchurched millennial, now sharing Matt’s passion for reaching their generation.

Episode 8 - God’s Plan for POWs and Convicts
with Luke Zamperini & Sandi Warner

Luke Zamperini, son of WWII POW Louie Zamperini, tells of his dad’s ‘Billy Graham Crusade’ transformation from PTSD depression to faith sharing zealot, while Sandi Warner shares how her husband’s incarceration ignited both of their lives into full-time faith sharing!

Episode 9 - The Pastor and the Millennial Sharing Ministry
with Tony Clark & Caroline Lewis

Caroline Lewis is a church-bred millennial who sees clearly how Godless forces are attempting to define all Millennials as Godless – while Pastor Clark is razor focused on faith sharing being the only thing we can’t do for God once we’re in Heaven!

Episode 10 - The Millennial and the Boomer
with Jordan Verner & Steve Aust

Most faith sharers have ‘ignition’ stories of when they were launched into faith sharing. For Jordan Verner, it was discovering his view of ministry inside the Church wasn’t working. For Steve Aust, it was in losing a major business deal.

Episode 11 - Are You a Sneaker, a Loafer, or a Clog?
with Jeff Wright & Don Furr

Jeff Wright’s path from mergers and acquisitions on Wall Street to joining a store front ministry in Chicago put his faith sharing in perspective. And Don Furr shows us how easy it is to integrate faith sharing into our everyday lives.

Episode 12 - Finding Purpose Through Fame and Fortune
with TC Stallings & Tony Amaradio

TC Stallings was the football star and soon to be movie star when a tragic car accident ignited him into living his life for God’s Purpose. And Tony Amaradio had to lose his wealth and influence to understand God’s Purpose in wealth and influence.

Episode 13 - From New Believer to Seasoned Veteran
with Isle Duarte & Susan Milhaud

High School Senior Isle Duarte proves, beyond question, that new believers make great faith sharers while Susan Milhaud’s steadfast faith in her darkest hour is changing the lives of everyone watching.