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Thank you for your passion for sharing your faith and for your interest in helping us ignite others to share theirs. This is a major task and we need your help.

The scriptures are being fulfilled before our very eyes. While 86% of the unchurched would like for someone to tell them there’s a God who can make sense out of America’s chaos, only 1% of us are telling them.

The fields are white for harvest . . . but the laborers are few. And how are they going to know unless someone tells them. Christians have stopped sharing their faith, leaving the majority of Americans lost in darkness and blinded to the truth of the Gospel. It’s self-evident in every newscast.

Our only hope is to Ignite Christians to Ignite America with Revival. Experiencing joy-filled Christians telling their amazing faith sharing stories almost always inspires viewers to start sharing their own stories. That’s what Ignite Your Life TV is all about—capturing the excitement of faith sharing Christians as role models to Ignite Christians to Ignite America with Revival.


What Guests Are Saying

Check out what other Ignite Your Life TV guests are saying about their experience filming the show!

People in Heaven Forever
– Dr. Jerry Root
No Intimidation or Fear
– Jason Lee
Don’t Miss Out
– Tony Clark
An Easy Conversation
– Christine Soule
Everyone Needs to Hear Your Story
– Jason Powell
The Best Thing You’ve Ever Done!
Tony Amaradio
What a Day!
Steve Aust
If I Can Do It, You Can Do It!
Sandi McGraw

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